Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic Procedures

What we offer at Northern Dermatology

Cosmetic procedures include:

Botulinum toxin injections for wrinkles

Botulinum toxin injections are the gold standard in management of active wrinkles of facial expression. Typical areas for treatment include forehead wrinkles, crows feet and brow lines. Injections are effective for three to four months.

Radiofrequency for acne scarring

Radiofrequency is a treatment for acne scarring. The deep skin is superheated with multiple tiny pins. The heated collagen of the deep skin contracts hence tightening the skin and reducing scarring by up to 50%. Multiple treatments are required. The major advantage for this treatment is the minimal downtime compared to other types of acne scarring treatments.


Full face peels for pigmentation. Jessner peels are available for pigmentary changes from sun damage. This treatment results in marked peeling of the skin with settles over 7 days.

Spot peels for solar lentigoes

Individual solar lentigoes (wisdom spots/ liver spots) can be treated with spot peels with 30% trichloroacetic acid. This treatment results in moderate inflammation of the skin for a week. Often a second treatment is required.

CO2 LASER treatment for skin rejuvenation

Fractionated LASER treatments are helpful for general skin rejuvenation – improving fine lines and mottled pigmentation.


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