Hand and Foot

Hand and Foot Treatments

What we offer at Northern Dermatology

Hand and foot treatments include:

Hand and foot phototherapy

Phototherapy is used to treat conditions on the soles of feet and the palmar surfaces of the hands. Phototherapy is the exposure of the skin with ultraviolet light with precise increasing doses with each treatment. Typical conditions treated include hand and foot psoriasis or eczema. The treatment is usually administered 3 times a week. Treatments only take several minutes and are offered between 8am to 430pm, Monday to Friday.


Iontophoresis is the passage of low voltage electricity through water baths in which the hands are immersed. Iontophoresis is useful in the treatment for excess sweating of the hands. Ten treatments (two treatments a week) are recommended as a trial to determine if the treatment is effective. If the patient has an adequate response to treatment, they can purchase a machine for home use or can continue to use the machine at Northern Dermatology.

Nail biopsies

Sometimes there are concerning lesions under the nails of the hands or feet. A biopsy of the nail bed can be performed which involves anaesthetizing the digit, removing the nail plate and sampling the portion of the nail bed of concern.


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