General Consultations

General Consultations

What we offer at Northern Dermatology

General consultations include:

Skin Check

The full skin examination is the most common procedure performed by a dermatologist. A skin examination is the best method for the early diagnosis of skin cancer or melanoma. At your appointment, there will be a discussion about your risk factors for melanoma and skin cancer. We will ask you about any lesions you are concerned about. Your skin will then be examined including your scalp and feet. Patients are recommended to not wear make up to this appointment.

Paediatric dermatology

Appointments for children are welcome at Northern Dermatology. The most common referrals we receive are for eczema, warts, molluscum, birth marks, vitiligo and infantile haemangiomas.

General dermatology

Dr Rodins offers general dermatology services including the treatment of acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, pigment disorders, paediatric skin conditions, and diseases of the hair and nails. He also offers skin checks and performs procedures including cryotherapy, non-surgical treatment for skin cancer and surgical excisions.


Telehealth consultations are available via Skype. For a telehealth appointment to be accepted, in focus still photographs need to be submitted. The patient is entitled to the Medicare rebate for a telehealth consultation if they reside greater than 15km from the specialist rooms. This is ideal for management of acne or follow up appointments after an initial consultation at Northern Dermatology.

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